Many companies believe 'we've been using paper for ages, why should we switch'? Or 'why Orna over other private security software'? Because your greatest asset as a company is your reputation and it is always on the line. Utilizing software and digital information your officers will be more productive and efficient, thus positively impact your reputation. While other companies emphasize tracking employees and proving checks were done, our mission is to enhance your capabilities and to improve your company's performance. With Orna your focus will shift towards mitigating threats through data intelligence.

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Southern California Fires

View the details following Thomas Fire, Rye Fire, Creek Fire, Wilson Fire, Little Mountain Fire, Oak Fire.

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Hurricane Irma Crisis Map

Monitor gas stations for fuel status and find the locations of shelters in place for Hurricane Irma. Map published by Google Crisis Response.

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Security Guards New Computer Aided Dispatch

Orna - Computer-Aided Dispatch Overview

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Kerkton Security Technologies Sponsoring 2017 ASIS Phoenix Golf Outing

Kerkton Security Technologies sponsoring the 2017 ASIS Phoenix Golf Outing on Friday, September 15th.

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