Many companies believe 'we've been using paper for ages, why should we switch'? Or 'why Orna over other private security software'? Because your greatest asset as a company is your reputation and it is always on the line. Utilizing software and digital information your officers will be more productive and efficient, thus positively impact your reputation. While other companies emphasize tracking employees and proving checks were done, our mission is to enhance your capabilities and to improve your company's performance. With Orna your focus will shift towards mitigating threats through data intelligence.

2017 Physical Security Software Release

2017 Free Beta Release

Kerkton Security Technologies is releasing Orna, an all-in-one SaaS for private security.  With an increased number of private companies requesting more detailed and advanced reporting abilities for their company and their officers, Kerkton Security Technologies has taken on that challenge with success and is now proud to announce the beta release of Orna. Orna provides you with Records Management, Computer-Aided Dispatch, Patrol Software, Incident Reports and many more to come.


Orna is the latest development, providing an all-in-one solution for security that allows officers to access important information within seconds. Orna is one system, this is includes your computer-aided dispatch, patrol software and records management. The most exciting part of the patrol software and records management system is the all in one incident report, reducing any requirement for security companies to customization. This overall reduces the time it takes for supervisors and managers to develop and maintain reports. 


Dispatchers and Patrol Officers work in harmony on the same call getting automatic updates from others. Beyond time savings, this digitization eliminates miscommunication.

Incident Reporting

Our team of private security veterans took all the incident reports you routinely use and designed one innovative dynamic form that covers them all. Never again write multiple reports for a complex incident, this is truly one size fits all. 

All Reports go through supervisor approval and can be returned to the author if unsatisfactory. Every action after the initial submission, such as editing a field or even viewing the report, is tracked in the audit log for full transparency. 

Smart Data - Records Management

Connections, such as a Person being the owner of a Vehicle or a Business Involved in an incident Report, are stored between all database records. Beyond manually adding these connections, all information and connections established in Incident Reports are automatically stored in the RMS for future use. 


Your administrators can control sensitive information and feature access, based on user roles and responsibilities. Even sensitive matters, such as Internal Investigations, can easily be restricted to select individuals so such sensitive matters remain strictly need to know. 

If you would like to join the beta program or see a demo, please visit www.kerkton.com or contact [email protected]