Versatile software to optimize
your dispatch and patrol operations

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    Dispatchers and patrol officers work in harmony on the same call getting real-time updates. Beyond time savings, this digitization elimates miscommunication

  • icon id-card

    Do your officers know when they are dealing with an aggressive person or an individual known to carry a weapon? Increase officer safety by using RMS

  • icon reports

    Streamlined and dynamic, our innovative incident reporting form works for all reports reducing extensive set-up and maintenance time.

  • icon calandar

    As an essential part of client management DAR's are useful but time consuming. Our DAR's can be generated in seconds and save substantial time

  • icon notes

    Dispatchers and patrol officers can easily create new notes for internal and client use. Need to create a note on behalf of another Officer? No Problem!

  • icon messages

    As another tool on your belt, live messages will help keep all officers, even a supervisor out of radio range, in the communication loop

  • icon clock

    Track officers system activity to ensure safety through dynamic warning notifications to dispatchers and supervisors of inactive officers potentially in danger

  • icon cloud

    Providing a readily availabe, responsive and reliable service using Microsoft Azure and AWS, your officers and supervisors will worry less when handling critical incidents.

  • icon maps

    Our mapping includes custom security features such as officer locations, pending & active calls, filters and proximitiy based grouping. Observe your operation in real-time

No more confusion or complex software

We provide an easy to use, reliable, and powerful cloud-based application. The holistic design allows dispatcher, patrol officers, and administrators to optimally perform and communicate with each other in real-time

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We are disrupting the security industry's software market because we are very different from available alternatives. Inspired by law enforcement software and best practices, but tailored for security. There is no way to handle incidents better or respond faster than by utilizing our dispatch and records management, it is our specialty.

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