Company Link (Pending Release)

Company Link

Company Link allows for you to link with other companies to handle your dispatching of service calls to your patrol officers

Dispatch Companies Sending Requests

As a dispatching company, you can send a request by entering the username of the patrol/officer company you want to dispatch to, once submitted the request will be listed as pending

The patrol/officer company will then receive the request and either remove the link request which denies it or accepts the link in which case you can dispatch calls to that company

The patrol/officer company will be able to see your dispatchers that are online

Dispatcher Company Link

Patrol/Officer Companies Receiving Requests

As a patrol/officer company, you can receive requests from other companies to dispatch for you. Under the company link tab in ADMIN, you'll find pending requests which two options, remove or accept.

Accepting a link from another company means that important information is seen by the dispatching company

  1. Dispatching companies can see a list of your clients so they can attach them to the calls for service allow your clients to still receive automated emails. Automated emails are generated on the company that controls the clients, NOT the dispatching company
  2. Dispatching companies can see your officers on the map
  3. You as a patrol/officer company will be able to see the dispatchers that are online from both your company and the dispatching company
  4. The dispatching company will be able to see your calls for service in their assigned/unassigned tables in order to support your dispatching needs
  5. The dispatching company will be able to see your users in the officer status page
  6. The system log will show updates as normal with the users

Officer Company Link