LOCATION & PURPOSE - This page is located by pressing the 'Officer Status' button on the header-bar menu. The page should be used to monitor officers' status, activity, and safety.


  • Online Officers All officers online AND in the mobile module. This excludes online dispatchers or administrators.
  • Offline Officers  All officers offline AND online dispatchers & administrators. 


  • Officer - Name of the officer
  • Status - If assigned to a call it is dispatched / en-route / on-scene/ or cleared. Otherwise the status for online officers is available / unavailable. Status is offline for offline officer if they're not assigned a call; accordingly, an offline officer still assigned to a call will show the officer's call status.
  • Last Active - This is a running time of how long a user has been idle in the system or since last safety check, whichever is more recent. The system will warn dispatchers when an officers' timer is too long (10 minutes on an active call or 60 minutes when not on an active call). This warning is to help dispatchers and supervisors identify officers' that should be checked on to ensure their safety.
  • On-Scene - This is a running time of how long an officers' status has been on-scene. This timer only stops once the user has cleared the active call.
    • < 5 minutes on-scene = label-StatusGreen
    • < 15 minutes on-scene = label-StatusYellow
    • < 30 minutes on-scene = label-StatusOrange
    • < 45 minutes on-scene = label-StatusRed
    • >= 45 minutes on-scene = flashing label-StatusRed
  • Active Call - This is a combination of the Event ID (a Unique ID assigned to the call card) and the Nature of Call. Click to view full call card.
  • Call Location - The location of the active call. Click to view the location on the map.
  • Safety Check - Once an officer's safety has been confirmed, dispatchers and supervisors have the ability to press the 'Checked' button. This will reset the 'Time since latest activity or safety check' timer which generates the warnings.


  • SAFETY CHECK - Use the 'Checked' button (rightmost column) to reset the 'Last Active' column's value for that officer. For an officer on-scene, who for example has 'Last active' time of 15 minutes (indicating they haven't touched the system in 15 mins) it is recommended to check on the officer over radio to confirm they're safe. Resetting the timer helps to keep track of the last time the officer used the system or was confirmed safe.
  • VIEW/EDIT ACTIVE CALL CARD - Click on the 'Active Call' column (field is 'Event ID | Nature of call' in blue text), which is the 4th column from the left.
  • VIEW LOCATION OF ACTIVE CALL CARD - Click on the Location text (5th column from left). Location text is blue.


  • Why don't I have a 'Checked' button under safety check? This button only appears for dispatchers and supervisors.
  • Why does an offline officer have a status of dispatched? If assigned to a call for service, the system shows their call status regardless of whether the officer is online/offline. This is to help identify a situation where an officer is off-duty & incorrectly assigned to a call. 
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