In Progress

In Progress

LOCATION - Press the 'In Progress' button on the main menu to view this page.

SCOPE - Provides an overview of active Calls (separated by assigned and unassigned) for officers to review/update/close (depending on permissions) as well as view recently closed calls for services.


  • My Call – The call card that you are currently assigned to.
  • Unassigned – Active call cards with NO assigned officer.
  • Assigned - Active call cards WITH assigned officer(s).
  • Closed Calls  – Closed Call Cards, sorted by most recent.


  • Event ID - Unique ID assigned to the call card. Click to view full call card.
  • Date/Time -  Date/time of the call card.
  • Nature of Call  - The 1+ natures of the call.
  • Location - The location of the call. Click to view the location on the map.
  • Primary Officer - The primary officer assigned to the call and their status (Dispatched, En-route, On Scene, or Cleared).
  • Back-up Officer(s) - A list of back-up officers to the call and their individual statuses (Dispatched, En-route, On Scene, or Cleared).


  • VIEW/EDIT CALL CARD - Click on the  Event ID (left-most) column. You're screen will navigate to the full details of the call for service.
  • VIEW LOCATION OF CALL CARD - Click on the Location text (blue text; 5th column from left). You're screen will navigate to the map with a marker for the location.


  • Can I create a new call? Yes, assuming your administrator has given you appropriate permissions, use the 'Self Initiate' button on the main menu.
  • Is there a quicker way to view my call? You can use the 'My Call' button on the main menu instead of going to 'In Progress' to go directly to your assigned call for service.
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