Tour Administration

Tour Management


  • To create a new tour click on the button
  • To view the tour stops within a tour, click on the tour row. The tour stops will display in the table below
  • To make a tour inactive, click on the button. This will turn the tour
  • To edit a tour click on the button in the action column
  • To edit a tour stop click on the button in the action column

Note: A tour can include tour stops for multiple clients. This allows you to create a single tour with many clients rather than a client specific tour only.

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Create New Tour

  • When creating a new tour, choose the correct timezone your tour is located in
  • Tour Title is a free text field, label it accordingly
  • Tour type is a free text field, to label such as "Patrol" or Commercial Building"
  • If your tour is not , your guards will not see the tour
  • Available hours are based on 24hours for that day (example: 02:00 to 10:00), you cannot do (23:00 to 02:00)
  • Enabling a stop checklist, forces the guard to complete each checklist item you've added.
  • Enabling stop issues, allows for your guards to capture pictures and identify issues at each stop. Guards performing a check at the same tour stop will also see these issues and will be able to mark if they are fixed or if they are still an issue.
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    Create New Tour Stop

  • Stop name is a free text field, this allows you to label it "Pool Lock Up"
  • A client is required for creating a new tour stop
  • Location requires a specific address, intersection or GPS coordinates
  • Please input instructions your guards should follow when checking a tour stop
  • Start and End Dates allow you to enable tour stops for a specific time/date period
  • Note: A tour stop can be created once and added to multiple tours. If you have single location that needs to be checked, you only need to create it once and then include it on different tours.

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    Add Existing Tour Stop

  • Adding an existing tour stop allows you to add previously created stops, allowing for users to view issues created at the same location on other tours
  • When you have selected a tour, select add, then add existing tour stop, click on the stop and then add selected.
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